KAZKA in the Netherlands

Today one can buy ticket at the doors.

В день концерту придбати квитки можна на касі.

В день концерта купить билеты можно на кассе.

Location (PAARD)

Route & parking



KAZKA is the Ukrainian sensation; discovery of the year. This talented band is the first Ukrainian-speaking group that got into the TOP 10 Global Shazam; the top performer among national artists and TOP 100 best clips on YouTube. Like a bright meteorite, the band KAZKA burst onto the music scene and immediately conquered everyone with their unique songs and incredible voices. KAZKA is the Number 1 musical band in Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. The success of this group is owing to the unique voice of singer Sasha, the brilliance of pipe player Dmitry, and the mastery of the multi-instrumentalist Nikita. KAZKA is the definition of new Ukrainian music.


Email: info@artmore.nl
Organized by ArtMore & Stichting “Oekraїners in Nederland” (KvK 60054050)
Proudly supported by Embassy of Ukraine in the Hague

General concert sponsor: Ukrainian International Airlines